At St. Michael’s School, we understand our pupils need to be taught by teachers with an in-depth knowledge of their subjects to get the best from our students.

St. Michael’s has many Specialist teachers to ensure your child is getting the best education, whether this is in English, Maths, Languages, Computing or PE, Drama and Dance.

Dance has long been understood to be an essential part of life and education. Recent studies have shown how the transformative power of movement can help restore joy and stability. Our dedicated Ballet teacher introduces dance to pupils in our Nursery and is able to teach them all the way through to their Grade 3 Royal Academy of Dance exams.

Our specialist Drama teachers help our pupils to engage with their creative part of their brain and gain important life skills by developing cognitive abilities that complement study, including:

  • Foster creative imagination
  • Develop acting and communication skills and the use of memory
  • Encourage progressive thinking and decision making
  • Promote clarity of speech and language skills
  • Build self-confidence without immodesty
  • Encourage co-operation with and respect for the work of each other
  • Improve fitness in physical performance
  • Cultivate a knowledge of literature and appreciation for the arts and culture

Our specialist ICT teacher ensures pupils explore, observe, engage, solve problems and make discoveries for themselves. She has also introduced a Digital Leader system which allows selected Form 5 & 6 pupils to support and encourage their peers and lower school pupils with Computer Technology.

Younger children are more open and receptive to learning a foreign language and have an innate curiosity when learning new words and sounds. They are confident, curious and less anxious learners. Learning a new language has also been shown to improve critical thinking skills and to enhance social skills.

From Nursery, children are introduced to French as part of their curriculum by our specialist teacher.

Spanish and German are also available from Form 2 as an after school club.

Facilitated by our team of dedicated instrumental teachers, more than 50% of pupils in the Prep department are involved in more than one musical activity each week as a member of one of the three choirs, two orchestras, a variety of instrumental ensembles or in individual instrumental lessons.

We currently offer individual lessons for violin, viola, cello, electric guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drum kit, piano and singing.

The general health of children and youth is becoming a national concern as the incidence of obesity and childhood diabetes increases. Research indicates that physical education specialists’ strong instruction and instructional strategies contribute to pupil performance. It also finds that the research “appears to indicate that specialist teachers in health and physical education can positively impact student achievement and other measures of positive student development such as the enhancement of healthy and active lifestyles.”

Teaching scientific methods helps our pupils to think, learn, solve problems and make informed decisions. Pupils in our Prep department have two 1-hour Science lessons a week taught by our specialist Science teacher. This helps to reinforce skills which are integral to a student’s education and life.