What are the Advantages of Small Class Sizes?

At St. Michael’s School, we believe that class size is very important to your child’s education. For this reason, we have limited our class sizes to a maximum of 20 students from Reception to Year 6 classes.

You probably know that schools with small class sizes are more desirable than schools with large ones; but what exactly is it about small classes that are so impressive? Why do you want that for your child? Here are some advantages:

  • More one-to-one attention from the teacher to enhance pupils’ strengths and improve their weaknesses
  • Pupils get to know each other better
  • Teachers can tailor individual instruction and can work with each pupil to ensure they are getting the instruction they need
  • Less disruption
  • More time for teaching
  • For a pupil with attention issues, a busier class can mean the difference between a lesson that is completely understood and one that they do not understand

That is why small class sizes are so important at St. Michael’s: to help ensure success. Is St Michael’s the right school for your child? Contact our Registrar, Mrs Lorraine Kipps, on 01702 416310 or admissions@stmichaelsschool.com today for more information.