St Michael’s children relish opportunities to be part of our rich arts heritage through active involvement in musical activities, individual instrumental lessons, choirs, orchestras, ensembles or drama groups.

We are very proud of our musical heritage at St Michael’s School. Music helps to build a child’s self-esteem, promotes teamwork and allows self-expression. At St. Michael’s, every child participates in whole class music lessons with our specialist teacher where they experience playing a range of instruments, improve their vocal skills and participate in activities to develop listening, composing and improvisation skills.

We learn through a variety of practical games and activities aiming for the children to develop a love of music and performing through our varied curriculum where we learn in a safe, lively and fun environment.

There are many opportunities for children to perform in class, whole school events, assemblies and school concerts and community events.

Drama at St. Michael’s provides pupils with an opportunity to participate in a stimulating and creative experience.

Our aim is to;

  • Foster creative imagination
  • Develop acting and communication skills and the use of memory
  • Encourage progressive thinking and decision making
  • Promote clarity of speech and language skills
  • Build self-confidence without immodesty
  • Encourage co-operation with and respect for the work of each other
  • Improve fitness in physical performance
  • Cultivate a knowledge of literature and appreciation for the arts and culture

To achieve these aims we use many dramatic techniques including drama games, acted stories, tableaux, improvisation, mime, puppetry, physical theatre and script work.

Performance events such as the Year 6 Play, Concerts, Christingle, the Crib Service, LAMDA Examinations and the St. Michael’s Day Parade are vehicles for pupils to display the confidence and the dramatic and communication skills gained from participation in drama lessons.

Drama lessons at St Michael’s School are a source of constructive fun in learning.

Research shows that students who study Dance are more self-motivated, disciplined and focus.

At St Michael’s School, pupils follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus starting with our Nursery pupils as part of their curriculum. In Reception, pupils have the opportunity to continue Dance & Movement classes, which then extends to Ballet from Year 1.