Curiosity, Cooperation, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Reflectiveness

Curiosity, Cooperation, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Reflectiveness

With the mid-point of the school year upon us, now is a good time to reflect on the children’s achievements so far this year.

Nursery children are now used to the routines of school and are growing in confidence and independence in all of their learning. Reception children are also making great head-way with their learning and are developing essential skills that form the foundation of later learning; just this morning I have seen some super writing from Reception children. Nursery and Reception parents, I hope that you will enjoy the photos capturing your child’s learning when you receive your 2BuildaProfile email.

Children across the school have been using their developing learning powers of Curiosity, Cooperation, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Reflectiveness to aid their learning. For example: in mathematics lessons Form 1 and Form 2 children have been showing great powers of resilience and cooperation to solve number and shape problems set by their teachers; our sports teams have also demonstrated great resilience and cooperation in all of their matches - in victory or defeat; and Form 3 - Form 6 pupils have been developing their powers of curiosity, resourcefulness and reflectiveness as they have explored the opportunities afforded by Google Classroom for independent learning in many subjects across the curriculum.

Well done, to all the children for all of their effort so far this year – I have really enjoyed reading all of their reports and seeing the progress that they are making. Mid-Year reports for F1 – F4 and F6 are being sent home today with the children, but they are also available for parents to view on the SIMS Parent App.

We are looking forward to more great learning and special events next half term. For World Book Day (Friday, 2nd March), children are invited to come to school dressed as the hero from a favourite book. By definition, a great hero will have shown great curiosity, cooperation, resilience, resourcefulness or reflectiveness in becoming the hero. When putting together their outfit, I encourage the children to think about the learning powers displayed in their hero. We shall also be issuing information after half term about a sponsored reading challenge to coincide with World Book Day. The proceeds from the non-uniform day and the sponsored reading challenge will be going to support The Mayor’s chosen cancer charities. Form 5 children will be visiting the Mayor (Councillor Fay Evans) at her official residence, Porters, in March where they will be having a tour of the historic building and presenting a cheque to The Mayor. Thank you, in anticipation for your support.

Wishing everyone a happy and relaxing half-term holiday