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Early Years Admissions

There are two main entry points into the school:

Nursery – there is one annual intake and children are accepted in the September following their 3rd birthday.  Nursery can accept a maximum of 26 children each year.

Reception – there is one annual intake and children are accepted in the September following their 4th birthday.  Children already attending our Nursery are guaranteed a place in Reception and up to 14 additional places are offered each year.

In addition, parents who have accepted the offer of a place in Nursery may apply for a Pre-Nursery place for their child following their 3rd birthday and prior to admission in September.  For example if your child turns 3 in November, you can request they join our Pre-Nursery from the following January.  The Pre-Nursery provides two afternoon sessions a week on a Tuesday and Thursday (12.55 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.).  A small number of Pre-Nursery places are available each year.  These places are offered on a “first come, first served” basis and provided the child meets the basic requirements for entry.

Step-by-step guide to admissions

  1. Request a prospectus

    Please click here to request a copy of the school prospectus or contact Mrs Franklin, the Registrar directly by email at [email protected] or telephone 01702 416310.
  2. Visit the school

    Having received a copy of the school prospectus, if you wish to go ahead and register your child(ren) then you are invited to visit the school and meet the Head.  At the conclusion of your visit you will be provided with the registration form and a copy of the full admissions policy.

    Whilst our literature and website give a flavour of the school, we truly believe that you will benefit so much more by seeing the school in action and meeting the current children and staff.  You will also have an opportunity to see the type of work the children are doing or have done over the school year.
  3. Register your child

    Following your visit and meeting with the Head, parents wishing to register their child on the school waiting list must complete a Registration Form and submit this to the Registrar with the £50 non-refundable registration fee.  A letter will be sent to the parents confirming a place on the waiting list.

    Registrations are considered in chronological order, but with preference given to siblings of children already pupils in the school, registered siblings and children of serving members of staff.
  4. Offer of a place

    Approximately one year before your child is due to start school (usually during the summer holidays), you will be sent an Offer letter, the Schools Standard Terms and Conditions and an Acceptance Form. Please ensure that you read the Standard Terms and Conditions and that you have understood the Declaration statements on the Acceptance Form before signing and returning to the Registrar.  Please make special note of the penalities for withdrawing your child (see clause 9.8). All letters are sent out at the same time to children on our waiting list. 
  5. Accept the place

    To accept the offer, please complete and return the Acceptance Form together with the deposit of £250 to the Registrar.  Congratulations! You have made the first step to ensuring a first class education for your child. Should you wish to decline or defer the offer of a place, please confirm this in writing to the Registrar.     
  6. Confirmation of the place  On receipt of your Acceptance, we will write to you to confirm that a place is guaranteed for your child. 
  7. Setting visit by our Early Years staff to your child’s existing Nursery or home

    As part of your child(ren)’s transition to St. Michael’s, the Registrar will contact you seeking your consent to arrange a setting visit for one of our Early Years staff to visit your child in their current nursery or at home if they do not attend a Nursery.  This visit will happen at the start of the Summer term for Reception and at the beginning of September for Nursery.  Nursery children have a staggered start in September with week one of the term being the setting visits.
  8. Familiarisation visits by parent and child

    We will write to you again inviting your child(ren) to visit the staff and meet the other children who will be joining in September.  You will not be able to stay with your child for these visits.  Reception children visit for two sessions 9.15 a.m. to 12.45 p.m. and 1.15 p.m. to 2.45 p.m. on separate days in the Summer term.  Nursery children are invited in for two morning sessions from 9.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. during the second week of the new September term.  Because we understand you may be a little apprehensive about leaving your child with complete strangers, we will also invite both you and your child for a preliminary visit to meet the staff and acclimatise yourselves with the Foundation Stage Department if you feel this is necessary.
  9. New parents’ evening

    For children starting in Nursery and Reception there is an evening meeting, normally held at the beginning of July at 8.00 p.m.  Here you will have an opportunity to meet all the Foundation Stage staff, and the Head will give you a brief introduction to the school.  At this meeting you will also receive a pack of information that includes a Uniform and Equipment list (also available on the website) and all the administration forms that need completing and returning to school before your child starts.  You will also receive other information about the school and your first term’s fees invoice which requires paying by 1st August.
  10. End of term mailing

    At the end of the Summer term you will be sent a copy of the school Newsletter and a copy of the date list for the Michaelmas term in which your child is joining the school.  

    If you have any questions or are unsure about any details please call the school and speak to the Registrar, Mrs Franklin.  The Registrar can be contacted via the school office and is available during term time as well as through the holidays by telephoning 01702 416310 or email [email protected].