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Educational Experience

The children’s educational experience at St. Michael’s provides a broad, balanced and firm foundation for learning and personal development.  Each child is seen as a whole person and our passion is to see each child grow in confidence, maturity and ability in all of the aspects that make them the unique individual that they are:


High expectations for all result in children becoming confident learners, making excellent progress across the curriculum thoroughly preparing them for their move to secondary school.  Specialist teaching and facilities in our Computer Suite, Design Technology room, Art room, French room, Science room, Gym and Chapel add to the richness of the broad and balanced curriculum provided for each child.


Traditional Christian values underlie school life creating a caring, supportive and inclusive environment. The children's spiritual development is seen as equally important as their academic and personal development and as such all children are encouraged to develop their own faith and to respect the differing faiths of others. The school has its own Chapel which is used on a daily basis for assemblies and values its strong link with the local parish church.


We use the Golden Rules to promote a culture of care, respect, fairness, friendliness, openness, tolerance, honesty and service of others.  These are  instilled in all children from an early age and are developed as the children progress up through the school.  All children are expected to contribute to the life of the school and to support each other.


High expectations for all children in terms of personal development, organisation and independence lead to children becoming self-confident, well rounded individuals able to take responsibility for their learning and contributing positively to their community. A wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities allow children to develop confidence, skills and interests.


Music, drama and sport form crucial aspects of the children's wider educational experience. All children receive specialist teaching for music, French and Physical Education forming part of the broad and balanced curriculum. Regular performance opportunities in music and drama contribute to the children's appreciation of a variety of cultures, whilst being challenged to perform to the very highest standard.


The children's fitness, coordination and physical development is encouraged from an early age.  Children in the Foundation Stage develop their gross motor skills during weekly PE lessons and outside play.  Higher up the school Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics and Rounders feature prominently on the PE and Games programme and extra curriculum activities.