This week it has been great to welcome our new Nursery children as they have begun their scheduled routines; the children are settling well into their new surroundings and are already growing in confidence.

I am delighted that today we are able to publish curriculum outlines for Form 1 to Form 6, which we hope will help you support your child's learning e.g. by arranging a day out to a place linked to a topic being studied. The outlines give you a brief synopsis of the topics to be covered in each subject, but please note that the precise details are subject to variation. Also today we are publishing 'Welcome to ... ' guides to Form 1 & 2, Form 3 & 4 and Form 6. All of these documents are available to download on the school website along with the welcome guides to Form 5 and Nursery /Reception. A reminder also that the Parent Handbook and a range of school policies are similarly available to download from the website. These are available as a paper copy on request from the school office.

There are some changes to the scheduling of progress reports and parents' evenings this year. Each of the 'Welcome to ... ' booklets outlines when written reports and parents evenings are scheduled for your year group.

I need to draw your attention to the following Health & Safety matters:

  1. The double yellow lines on Vernon Road and Hadleigh Road along with the zig-zags outside school are designed to be clear of parked vehicles. Inconsiderate parking of any kind jeopardises the children's safety. Please do your part to keep our children safe by not parking on the double yellow lines or zig-zags at ANY time.
  2. The school car park must NOT be used at any time as pedestrian access for Nursery, Reception or collection from After School activities. Please use the pathway next to the building and do not allow children to play in the car park.
  3. Dogs must NOT be taken into the playground whether on foot or carried. Dogs are allowed at the front of the school but must not be left unattended. Dog owners are asked to keep their dogs away from passing children on pathways and to clear away any dog waste.

We are greatly looking forward to St. Michael's Day next week. Information has already been sent out. Please do come to watch the procession, share in our celebration of mass and enjoy the children's singing in the afternoon. Complimentary tickets are still available for St. Michael's Day Dinner. I look forward to welcoming you to what is always a wonderful occasion.