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Google FAQ

Why can’t I login from home?

Please ensure you have followed the steps as outlined in the video on this page. Failing that one of the following may be affecting you. All our accounts are protected to prevent people from outside of St Michael’s School opening them. If you are logging in from a work issued computer it will often prevent you opening our documents as your own device has been similarly protected. Alternatively you may have other Gmail or Google accounts signed in on your device. Please ensure you have signed out of all other Google accounts before trying to login to your account.

What computer do I need?

Any device on which you can get a Google Homepage via the internet is suitable. Smart phones are not ideal for your child to work on however so a tablet, desktop or laptop computer are best.

Why can I not share or download my child’s work?

All our work is protected so it cannot be shared outside the domain name. Your child can share work with their teacher using the ‘Share’ button on the top right hand side of the document. You should then type the teachers name and click on their name once it appears. Then click ‘Done’, the document will then be shared with your child’s teacher.

How do I save?

Google does this automatically for you so there is no need to ‘save’ anything, it has already been done.

Working With Google Classroom

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