Not just the 3 R's

Not just the 3 R's

It has always been my belief that children and schools should never be judged solely on their proficiency in the traditional 3Rs of reading, writing and arithmetic. The development of attributes such as respect, responsibility, resourcefulness, resilience, reflectiveness and the ability to form and benefit from effective relationships are, I believe, also key components for successful learning and children's well-being particularly as they growing up in a rapidly changing world. These other 'R's are being increasingly embedded into our daily school activities.

This morning, for instance, we took a moment to be still and quiet as ' the whole school gathered together to remember and show our respect for those who lost their lives in the world wars and in more recent conflicts.

Last week Form 1 children experienced a great day at the Colchester Museum of Childhood where they tried on Victorian clothes and reflected on the difference between their toys and those from yester-year. Form 2 children needed to take responsibility this week for following instructions to make gingerbread men, and from the photos on the school's Facebook page you can see that they responded well to the challenge.

Form 6 children were required to draw on their resourcefulness and effective team relationships during their Outdoor Education day last week in order to navigate themselves accurately in the countryside. Year 5 children demonstrated in their musical performances at last week's informal concert that resilience in practising results in rapid progress in their singing or on their chosen instrument.

The word 'education' may not contain any 'R's but there are many 'R's in your child's learning and all have an important part to play in supporting your child to live out our school motto ... Non quis, sed quid ... it's not who you are, but what you are ... to realise their potential and achieve success.