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Pre Prep Admissions

Children who enter the school in Nursery or Reception are normally expected to remain in the school until the end of Form 6.  Therefore, places can only be offered in Forms 1 and 2 if a place becomes available.

Step-by-step guide to admissions

  1.  Request a prospectus

    Please click here to request a copy of the school prospectus or contact Mrs Kipps, the Registrar directly by email at [email protected] or telephone 01702 416310.
  2. Visit the school

    Having received a copy of the school prospectus, if you wish to go ahead and register your child(ren) then you are invited to visit the school and meet the Headmaster.  At the conclusion of your visit you will be provided with the registration form and a copy of the full admissions policy.

    Whilst our literature and website give a flavour of the school, we truly believe that you will benefit so much more by seeing the school in action and meeting the current children and staff.  You will also have an opportunity to see the type of work the children are doing or have done over the school year.
  3. Register your child

    Following your visit and meeting with the Headmaster, if you wish to register your child on the school waiting list, complete the Registration Form and submit this to the Registrar with the £50 non-refundable registration fee.  A letter will be sent to you confirming a place on the waiting list.

    Registrations are considered in chronological order, but with preference given to siblings of children already pupils in the school, registered siblings and children of serving members of staff.
  4. Prior to an offer being made

    Places in Year 1 and 2 can only be offered as and when they become available.  Before an offer of a place can be made your child will be invited to attend the school for a two day familiarisation and assessment visit.
  5. Familiarisation and assessment visit

    The familiarisation and assessment visit is a two-way process for your child to see whether they like the school and for us to ensure that our curriculum will suit your child.  During the two day visit your child will be in a class of the same age group.  There are no formal entrance exams or tests but the class teacher will conduct some assessments with your son or daughter to gauge their current level of ability.  This allows us to assess how they compare with the rest of the year group.  Parents will be asked to supply previous school reports and any other assessment records.
  6. Offer of a place

    Following the familiarisation visits, the Head will contact you, usually late in the afternoon of the second day or the next morning, to discuss your child’s experience during their visit and to inform you of whether or not we are able to offer a place.  At this stage the offer is still subject to a satisfactory reference from your child’s current school (which we will seek once you have notified them that your child is being considered for a place here) and confirmation that any outstanding fees have been settled with the current school where relevant.  Once all this is satisfactorily completed a formal offer letter will be sent out to you together with the School's Standard Term's and Conditions.  Please ensure that you read the Standard Terms and Conditions and that you have understood the Declaration statements on the Acceptance Form before signing and returning to the Registrar.  Please make special note of the penalties for withdrawing your child (see clause 9.8).
  7. Accept the place

    To accept the offer, please complete and return the Acceptance Form together with the deposit of £250 to the Registrar.  Congratulations! You have made the first step to ensuring a first class education for your child.  
  8. Confirmation of the place  On receipt of your Acceptance, we will write to you to confirm that a place is guaranteed for your child. 
  9. Welcome pack

    Prior to your child starting at the school, you will receive a pack of information that includes a Uniform and Equipment list (also available on the website) and all the administration forms that need completing and returning to school before your child starts as well as other information about the school and your first term’s fees invoice.

If you have any questions or are unsure about any details please call the school and speak to the Registrar, Mrs Kipps.  The Registrar can be contacted via the school office and is available during term time by telephoning 01702 416310 or email [email protected].