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PRE-PREP (Years 1 & 2) - ages 5 to 7 years

In Forms 1 and 2 we see children making real and significant progress in their learning and understanding which parallels their physical growth and development.

Building upon the firm foundations provided in Nursery and Reception the children quickly adapt to life in the upper half of the Pre-Prep department, becoming more confident and independent learners and relishing all of the opportunities available to them.

The children follow a broad and balanced curriculum which is based on the National Curriculum, but which provides many enrichment activities to further the children’s knowledge, skills and attitudes to learning.

The class teacher, supported by the Nursery Nurse, is responsible for the children’s learning across the curriculum, but specialist teaching for Speaking & Listening, French, Music and Physical Education continue to bring an added richness to the children’s educational experience.

Appropriate support and challenge ensure that all children make the very best progress they can.

All children in Form 2 learn to play the recorder as part of their class music lessons with our Head of Music and all Form 2 children sing and perform on at least two occasions in the year. Form 2 and Form 3 children make up our Junior Choir which introduces the children to a wide variety of musical styles and singing in parts and which performs in our termly concerts. Children may also learn the piano from Form 1 and the violin or cello from Form 2.

The development of a child’s reading ability is vital to their success across the curriculum and as such a high priority is placed on reading during these two years. The children read daily in school either to an adult, on their own or with one of the Reading Buddies from our Prep department. They read in class or in our bright and attractive library, and are then encouraged to think about and discuss what they have read in order to develop their comprehension skills. In this way the children become confident readers with, hopefully, a love of reading. Parents are crucial partners in this and all parents are asked to read and share books with their child as part of the usual home routine.

In other subject areas children learn to communicate their ideas clearly in writing, further their mathematical understanding and to find out about the world around them.

Use of the class room computer and the school’s computer suite intrinsically supports the children in their learning and skills development. From a natural curiosity, children learn to investigate in science and technology and to learn about themselves and others, past and present, through the study of a range of topics. Educational visits to the local area and further afield help to bring the children’s learning alive.

Assessment results at the end of the Pre-Prep are additional evidence of the progress and achievement of the children, but it is their confidence, independence and enthusiasm for learning which means that the children leave Pre-Prep more than equipped to tackle the new challenges they will face in the Prep Department.