What a great day we had on St. Michael's Day!

What a great day we had on St. Michael's Day!

St. Michael's Day is always a real highlight of the school calendar and this year's celebrations were no exception; a wonderful parade and mass involving the whole school followed by an exciting party in the afternoon. This unique day typifies our school's ethos and heritage, and it is a great reminder of how goodness will always overcome adversity.

The last fortnight has also seen Form 4 children enjoying their first visit of the year to the Asheldham Centre for an Outdoor Education day. The day included a visit to the ancient chapel of St. Peter's, Bradwell which has a direct link to St. Cedd - a local saint after which one of our school houses is named.

At the time of writing Form 5 children are coming to the end of their exciting week on the Isle of Wight. The children (and staff!!) have had a great week and highlights have included visiting the Isle of Wight Zoo, looking for fossils on the beach and exploring the formal royal residence of Osborne House. We are looking forward to hearing all about Form S's adventures on their return to school next week.

Last week I enjoyed two excellent days at the IAPS National Conference along with headteachers from other prep schools all over the UK. The theme this year was 'Leading Change', an appropriate title for a conference of headteachers when we are living at a time of exponential change in the Western World. This rate of change raises significant challenges to the whole of the education sector and reinforces the importance of working to promote in children vital character attributes such as confidence, independence, self-esteem and integrity; attributes that are so important to us here. An unmistakable influence on our children is that of the internet and, for when old enough, social media.

Although both with huge potential for good, careful consideration of the boundaries is essential for positive use. Useful help for parents can be found as a constant feature on the school's website by clicking on the parentinfo and THINKUKNOW icons at the bottom of the Home Page. Another useful source of support for parents/ guardians can be found by clicking on the link [here].

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